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  1. Supervisors 

SUPERVISORS assist in the overall management of the concessions, satellite bars and lounges on either the concession floor or the grounds. Duties include training staff, relieving breaks, performing voids as well as acting as the liaison between the concession leads and other departments, such as Beverage Inventory, Warehousing, Cash Operations and M&O management. 



  1. Server/bartenders 

BARTENDERS or SERVERS are responsible for providing great food and beverage service in the most efficient way possible. Duties include taking  and preparing food or beverage orders from guests, handling all the payment transactions using the register/point of sale unit to ring in customers’ purchases, and tracking inventory. 


  1. Concession Leads, Cashiers or administrative assistants 

CONCESSION LEADS are responsible for the supervision of their concession and working with your team to provide friendly, timely and accurate service to guests. Duties include stocking all supplies needed for service, monitoring product levels, overseeing staff breaks and ensuring effective communication between production concessions and non-production concessions. 


CASHIERS are responsible for ensuring all customer orders are processed in an efficient and timely manner. Duties include using the register/point of sale unit to ring in customers’ purchases and taking payment. 


ADMINISTRATION ASSISTANTS are responsible for keeping track of staff hours as well as equipment such as radios and uniforms. Duties include signing staff in and out for their shifts, reconciling staff hours and distributing uniforms, radios and stationary as necessary. 


  1. General staff 

RUNNERS are responsible for bringing product to certain locations on-site. Duties include replenishing fridges or merchandisers, helping to clean-up concessions and restock from storage areas, if needed. 


PICKERS are a part of the team that assembles or “picks” the meal orders for the Executive Suites. Duties include PICKER, you will be part of the team that assembles or “picks” the meal orders for the Executive Suites, marking off completed orders on the master list and assisting with replenishing orders if necessary. 


INVENTORY ASSISTANTS duties include loading and unloading trucks, assisting in the process of organizing equipment and products, assisting inventory managers to maintain a clean and organized work area, along with whatever is required to assist the warehouse manager. May require some heavy lifting. There are two shifts for this position, overnight and daytime. 





    Position applying for(Please select only one category):
    SupervisorServer/bartenderConcession lead/cashier/admin assistantsAll other positions including but not limited too runners, food preparation, bussers, inventory assistants

    Are you legally entitled to work in Canada?

    Have you ever worked at the Rogers Cup before?
    If yes, what position and what year?

    Are you willing and available to work everyday between Friday August 7th- Sunday August 16th?

    Are you available for event setup before august 7th?

    Are you available for event teardown after August 16th?

    Are you willing to work double shifts?

    Some positions may require heavy lifting up to _____. Are you able and comfortable with heavy lifting?

    Special certifications. Check all that apply.
    SmartserveForklift licenceFood handlers

    How did you hear about the opportunity?
    IndeedFamily or friendUniversity/College job boardFacebookCurrent employee
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